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This site is located on the edge of CTA with a height restriction of 3,500 feet A.S.L immediately above launch, until you pass a line to the north running between Five Fingers and Dills Hill when the restriction rises to 4,500 foot A.S.L. North Shore air field is to be advised of your presence here before flying (refer the air space section in the front of the guide).
Getting there
This site is located 8 kilometres West of Dills Hill on West Coast Rd that runs from Araparere to Woodcocks. Quickest access is up state highway 16 past Kaukapakapa. Turn right on to West Coast Rd, go 2 kilometres along the road to the old fire staion building. Vehicles can be driven up only in very dry conditions, but it is extremely rough and you require a 4 Wheel Drive with a good muffler clearance (or just an attitude). Please note that access is via the cattle race. Do not attempt to drive vehicles in or out during milking time - around 4pm.
2762 Kaipara Coast Highway, Glorit 0984, New Zealand
People to contact
Please always call at the farm house before proceeding, site owners Mark and Poppy Keskic are very friendly. Site Monitor: Jeff Ripley 027 288 8818 or mail to PG Safety Officer: Reuben Muir
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