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0 Pilots on site*
Wind direction from 170° to 260°
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Landing requires careful consideration being in a valley with the wind usually coming from one end or the other. An aircraft type landing circuit approach is strongly recommended to determine the wind direction in the bottom of the valley (often different from the wind on launch).

Top landing on takeoff is possible although very tight for hang gliders and often quite thermic posing difficulty for paragliders. An alternative top landing is available to the north east of the transmitter tower requiring a minimum of 600ft above takeoff before making an approach.

Top landing at any point should only be attempted by those experienced in top landing.

Auckland Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

Located in TMA C, flight ceiling immediately above launch is 3,500ft ASL, rising to 4,500ft as soon as you cross Woodcocks Rd, heading in a north or north easterly direction. Heading south across the valley takes you into North Shore airfield training space with a continued flight ceiling of 3,500ft. Every time this site is flown both North Shore airfield and Kaipara Flats airfield should be advised of your presence.

As Kaipara Flats airfield is located directly north of this site (usually immediately downwind) and this airfield is used as a parachute drop zone, there is a no flying restriction within a 3 nautical mile radius of the airfield. This restriction can be reduced on occasions if the airfield is not being used by obtaining their express consent to cut through the south eastern sector, no closer that 2 nautical miles from the airfield.

Getting there

Access to the site is 6km north of the Puhoi turn off on State Highway 1. Turn left into Moirs Hill Rd, adjacent to the rest area at the end of Windy Ridge. Follow this gravel road to the end and park beside the transmitter tower. Access from this point is by foot through the left hand gate, following the track to the end.

1056-1082 Ahuroa Road, Makarau 0981, New Zealand 
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