Parawait is developed and maintained by interactivesites Marco Siebert. I am a Paraglider pilot living in Christchurch Ohiwa, New Zealand and I enjoy that stuff a lot! As you do.

All of us pilots know that there is an abundance of flying sites out there. Half of them we know of and we are only guessing how the weather conditions are there. Waiting for Tweets or short messages from fellow pilots or using a fair amount of fuel to explore is the only way to see what is happening.

This app and website is to resolve that issue: If you go and explore a site, take the app with you, simply tap the condition-buttons and that’s it. When you are on the ground, the app will show you in real time how many pilots are there and what the flying condition is.

As you see, the app lives from its network: The more pilots use it, the more accurate and useful  it will be.

Please note that this thing is not “flying” yet. It’s pretty close to release but I don’t like to give you a buggy piece of software that issues more problems than it solves. Additionally I try to keep this site in a good shape as good as possible. Please be aware that there will be bugs — I appreciate any info, hints, tips, criticism and ideas!

If you have any questions or remarks, let me know.




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This site is created and maintained by

Marco Siebert
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