What is it for?

This website is just accompanying the Parawait app that will enable pilots to share site information. Some of the information exchanged via the app will be displayed on the site. The app itself is a simple system to rate current weather conditions on a flying site which lets other pilots know about.

How to get it?

Once the app is ready to ship, it will be featured here. You will be able to download the app here . But you need to register to use it (else the app cannot distinct the pilots. Read about privacy here ).

What devices will it be running on?

Parawait is designed to run on handheld devices using Android OS (4.x) or iOS (9.x) and having at least a GPS module.

A development version? When is the full on to be expected?

Well, the Parawait app is in its development and testing phase. I don’t even know how pilots will use it – so this is a test run for everyone interested in exploring new sites or quickly check what the fellow pilots are doing around the flying sites.

Important: The development versions will most probably contain bugs and may expire after a while. You will need to download and update the app as new versions get released. It can not be guaranteed that the app is running stable and releases will happen regularly. Your login data will be safe and can be used for future releases.

How do I join?

Simply sign up to become a member ( no tricks, no hidden fees ). Pilots from all over the world are welcome, however, the software currently only supports New Zealand sites.

You can drop me an email if you want to help out in adding flying sites!

It does not work.

That can happen at this stage. I am working on it already, promise. Just report it here.