Parawait – the social network for hanggliders and paragliders

app_1Never again waste time waiting for the right weather.

Parawait is an app for your iOS and Android that connects you to fellow pilots and gives you the real time status of your beloved flying sites.

Furthermore you will be able to see sites around you and their current status.

It is social

Parawait lives from its members. When you arrive at a flying site, the app will pick up your location and ask you how the current conditions are. Simply touch the appropriate button and let other pilots know what’s going on.


The app is in its alpha phase. That means you can evaluate and use the app as you wish but be aware of shortcomings and missing features. However, the current version allows you to see the current status of New Zealand flying sites, rate them and let others know if it is a good flying day.

Let others know

Parawait lives through you, the pilots. So let the family grow and share!

Sign up to become a beta tester for New Zealand!

After that you can download the app for Android and iOS.

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